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Only the best latest and greatest microwaves to make your busy life easy!


From Speedy Bites to Culinary Triumphs: Elevate Your Central PA Kitchen with the Perfect Microwave from Mumma's Appliances!

Time is precious and appetites are demanding, so your microwave shouldn't be just a reheating relic. It should be a culinary champion, ready to fuel your day with sizzling snacks and gourmet masterpieces. And at Mumma's Appliances, we have the perfect appliance arsenal to unleash your inner kitchen dynamo!

Culinary Canvases:

For those who crave the ultimate in culinary convenience and innovation, look no further than the GE Cafe Smart Convection Microwave. Picture sleek stainless steel, voice-activated cooking, and built-in air frying capabilities, letting you whip up crispy wings or a perfect soufflé with just a simple "Cafe, heat my masterpiece!" Imagine GE Monogram's whisper-quiet operation and sensor technology, ensuring delicate leftovers emerge juicy and perfect every time. These culinary canvases are more than just microwaves – they're gateways to endless mealtime possibilities, crafted for the discerning palate.


Pocket-Sized Powerhouse for the Busy Bee:

But hold on! We haven't forgotten those who appreciate efficiency without the hefty price tag. Amana countertop microwaves offer compact designs and intuitive controls, perfect for dorm rooms or smaller kitchens. And for those seeking a basic (but brilliant) champion, Hotpoint models deliver reliable reheating performance without breaking the bank. Remember, delicious doesn't have to come at a premium – at Mumma's Appliances, we have a microwave for every kitchen (and budget)!

KitchenAid: The Timeless Touch:

For those who cherish both function and form, KitchenAid microwaves offer iconic curves and stainless steel sophistication. Imagine these beauties gracing your countertop, adding a touch of timeless elegance while whipping up gourmet popcorn or steaming a batch of fluffy dumplings. These versatile wonders are the perfect blend of style and substance, proving that even microwaves can be kitchen showstoppers.

Finding Your Perfect Microwave:

Still unsure which appliance will become your culinary copilot? Fear not! Our expert team at Mumma's Appliances is here to guide you through the wattage wilderness. We'll assess your needs, from space constraints to cooking preferences, and match you with the perfect microwave companion. We'll even throw in some pro tips to make your microwave work optimally. We carry most major brands!

So, Central PA food enthusiasts, raise a piping-hot mug (to a perfectly steamed latte, of course) to the end of bland bites and boring leftovers! Head on down to Mumma's Appliances here in Camp Hill and let our appliance experts help you find the perfect tool to supercharge your kitchen. We'll have you heating up gourmet delights and conquering microwave mayhem in no time!

We sell microwaves from our location in Camp Hill, PA to the greater Harrisburg area, which includes Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, New Cumberland, Enola, Lemoyne, Wormleysburg and also Carlisle! (Scratch-and-dent models when available.)

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In this video, Grace discusses how an Above the Range Microwave is a quick affordable upgrade.

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3820 Trindle Rd, Camp Hill, PA 17011

(717) 761-2080

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