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We sell a selection of dishwashers from high-end to ultra-affordable.


From Gleaming to Sparkling: Conquer Every Dish Mountain with Dishwashers for Every Central PA Home at Mumma's Appliances!

Whether you're a culinary connoisseur crafting five-course feasts or a busy family wrangling mountains of messy plates, one thing's for sure: nobody loves fighting the post-meal dishwashing dragon. But hey friends, the battle lines are drawn, and at Mumma's Appliances, we're armed with a gleaming arsenal of dishwashers ready to vanquish every grimy foe!

Top-Shelf Tech for the Discerning Dishwasher Hero

For those who demand the ultimate in cleaning performance and culinary convenience, we present the high-end haven. Imagine: Bosch dishwashers with whisper-quiet operation and precision-engineered spray arms that leave even the crustiest casserole sparkling like new. Or, picture KitchenAid models boasting sleek stainless steel facades and innovative third racks that effortlessly accommodate oversized platters and awkward utensils. These dishwasher heroes are the victors of clean, leaving you free to pursue more leisure activities.

Powerful Performance Without Breaking the Bank

But hold on, budget-conscious customers! We haven't forgotten you. Our shelves are brimming with ultra-affordable options that pack a cleaning punch. Whirlpool and Maytag dishwashers, renowned for their dependability and value, offer spacious interiors, intuitive controls, and reliable cleaning power without straining your wallet. And for those seeking a compact champion, Hotpoint and Amana models deliver surprising versatility without sacrificing performance. Remember, clean doesn't have to come at a premium – at Mumma's Appliances, we have a dishwasher for every kitchen (and budget)!

Finding Your Dishwasher Soulmate

Still unsure which dishwasher will conquer your culinary chaos? Fear not, intrepid dish warriors! Our expert team here is on hand to guide you through the sparkling sudscape. We'll assess your needs, from family size to cleaning preferences, and match you with the perfect dishwasher companion. We'll even throw in some pro tips and cleaning hacks to maximize your dishwashing dominance.

So, Central PA, raise a toast (in a clean glass, of course) to the end of dirty dish drudgery! Head on down to Mumma's Appliances and let our dishwasher experts help you find the perfect appliance to banish the post-meal blues. We'll have you conquering those sudsy mountains and reclaiming your precious kitchen time in no time!

Remember, we're not just selling dishwashers – we're selling sparkling freedom and culinary liberation for every home in Central PA. So, what are you waiting for? The battle against dirty dishes starts now!

We sell dishwashers from our location in Camp Hill, PA to the greater Harrisburg area, which includes Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, New Cumberland, Enola, Lemoyne, Wormleysburg and also Carlisle! (Scratch-and-dent models when available.)

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Grace discusses the Dishwashers we sell and the brands we offer: GE, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Maytag & Bosch. She also mentions how we install and will handle the plumbing for you.

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Grace provides additional information around the dishwashers we have in-stock, readily available.

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3820 Trindle Rd, Camp Hill, PA 17011

(717) 761-2080

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